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The assisted injection molding technology provides low pressure gradients in the component resulting in less residual stress and distortion. Even thick-walled components such as exterior car wing mirrors or car door handles can be produced true-to-size through uniform pressure distribution. Components such as, e.g. automotive cooling lines, are not only cooled from the inside but also from the outside. This reduces cooling times by up to 80%. Seize the competitive edge which this advantage gives to you. A microcellular foam structure is generated which gives instant coffee, the optimal consistency, even lighter and foamier for a matchless taste together with more volume for maximum standout on the shop shelf.

Assisted Injection Molding (AIM) is part of a family of technologies that are operated with plastics processing methods to improve product quality and significantly reduce cost. The technologies include the injection of gas or water at high pressure into plastic in an injection mold. This cores out sections of the part, leaving hollow areas which lower part weight and cycle time.

Systems technology of gas and water assisted molding technology

For the application of gas and water assisted injection technology, as well as the injection molding machine, basically two additional functions are to be applied: Pressure generation and pressure control. In the area of gas assisted molding technology, two different types of gas pressure generation are differentiated. On the one hand, discontinuous gas pressure generation which is mainly employed for the GIT process in case of individual machines and, on the other hand, continuous gas pressure generation which is employed for the centralized supply of several injection molding machines.

The gas pressure regulation is applied individually with pressure-control modules at every injection molding machine. the pressure control module decreases the supplied system pressure to the necessary gas pressure. Communication with the injection molding machine is realized by means of an electrical control. Maximator offers compressor stations and control modules, as well as combined compressor control modules, for discontinuous and continuous gas pressure generation.

In the area of water assisted molding technology of the MAXIMATOR WID system, both the pressure generation and the pressure control are applied in one system. The following schematics indicate the basic structure of the systems technology.

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