Additional Products

Hydraulic and Pneumatic

High Pressure Gas Booster and Pumps

  • Oil-free compression of industrial gases and compressed air up to 2,400 bar, liquids up to 7.000 bar
  • Air-driven piston boosters which operating according to the principle of a pressure intensifier
  • Air-driven operation makes them particularly suitable for use in explosion protected areas
  • No power consumption during long pressure holding periods

Valves, Fittings and Tubings

  • Engineering and manufacturing exclusively in Germany
  • Extensive product range (high-pressure valves, fittings, tubings, check valves, filters, adaptors and more)
  • Short delivery times thanks to highly flexible manufacturing
  • Certificates available for all products manufacturer’s declaration, ATEX and more)

Hydraulic systems and gas booster stations

  • Compact hydraulic units for clamping and
    testing applications
  • Injection units and sampling systems
    Flushing stations for extreme environmental
  • Hydraulic systems for on- and offshore applications (Wellhead control panels, testing and supply systems for subsea control modules)
  • Booster stations for increasing sealing pressure with gas-sealed mechanical seals

Testing and Production Systems

  • Auto frettage machines (20,000 bar)
  • Leakage and burst pressure testing technology
  • Assembly and functional test systems
  • Expansion units


  • Pressure pulse test machines (6,000 bar)
  • High-pressure forming machines
  • Testing technology for plastic components
  • Testing technology for high-pressure carrying components in hydrogen mobility

Oil and Gas High Pressure Equipment

  • Compact liquid and gas power packs for flexible high pressure generation
  • Central feed and circulation systems, cooler for liquid and gas mechanical seals
  • Booster stations for gas sealed mechanical seals and Seal Gas Conditioning Skids for turbo compressors
MAXIMATOR Gas and Water Technology Brochure